Medical Student Syndrome

The Medical Student Syndrome (also known as Medical Students' Disease, hypochondriasis of medical students, Medical Student Disorder, Medical School Syndrome, Third Year Syndrome, Second Year Syndrome or Intern's Syndrome) is a condition frequently reported[1] in medical students, who perceive themselves or others to be experiencing the symptoms of the disease(s) they are studying.
The Medical Student Syndrome features a range of different of psychiatric symptoms that affect the mood and behaviour of a medical student, especially during the first year of studying medicine or psychology. During their studies, medical students are continuously reading lists of symptoms for different diseases. Although physically and mentally completely healthy, they recognize some faint symptoms which were previously considered normal and feel that these symptoms should be regarded as a true sign of an illness.

This condition is not only recognized in medical students but also in students of psychology. It is even true that some students start a study of psychology to better understand themselves in the hope to ‘self-diagnose’ in order to cure themselves.

[1] Azuri et al: Reassuring the medical students' disease--health related anxiety among medical students in Medical Teacher - 2010

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