Attention Surplus Syndrome

Teachers find this just as bad as the other sort. No one likes a child who pays attention too hard, whose eyes follow your every move, and who listens very carefully to everything you say. It’s like talking to a great big bottomless ear.

Advanced cases correct spelling and pronunciation in a clear piping voice, and point out errors of fact to the rest of the class. They also have the infuriating habit of reading all the way to the end of the classroom reader on the first day of term, instead of having the decency to read at the geological speed considered correct for the rest of their age group.

Expel at the earliest opportunity.
This syndrome was first described by Terry Pratchett in his short story 'Medical Notes' (2002). The story appeared in Pratchett's 'A Blink of the Screen' (2013). Buy the book here.

I am wondering if the opposite of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which would be Attention Surplus Hypoactivity Disorder (ASHD) also drives teachers mad.

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