Gang Stalking Syndrome

The Gang Stalking Syndrome is a delusion of persecution. This syndrome can affect people who endured high levels of psychological stress for extended periods of time in their lives. The patient will see every aspect of their troubled lives as being part of an elaborate stalking operation executed by the government or secret organisations. The internet plays a major role in perpetuating these delusions[1] because patients always seem to be able to find fellow-patients.
These patients can feel that mind control techniques may be used to ‘break’ them or that their alleged truth is suppressed. Furthermore, they also think that they themselves are completely sane and that the world is conspiring against them to force them to undergo psychiatric treatment.

The Gang Stalking Syndrome also shares many symptoms with Paranoid Personality Disorder. Patients do not understand that they need psychiatric help and even actively oppose it, claiming that it is part of the conspiracy.

Patients have even invented their own syndrome for those who deny their persecutory delusions. Those supposedly deluded people are 'suffering' from Gang Stalking Denial Syndrome because the government or some secret organisations are, in fact, out to get you but you just don't 'see' it.

[1] Lerner et al: "Internet delusions": the impact of technological developments on the content of psychiatric symptoms in Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related sciences - 2006

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