"Not in my Lifetime" Syndrome

The "Not in my Lifetime" Syndrome is a psychological state in which people tend to remain ignorant of problems that might or might not have an effect in the future.

Some live in places that are potentially hazardous, such as near volcanoes, in earthquake territories or near nuclear power plants, and these people almost collectively think that no mishap will befall them in their lifetime.
Potential disasters are sometimes even ridiculed and problems are left for successors to deal with, even though in some cases it is known that it would take several generations for any decisions to take effect.

Even the ever growing population is part of this "Not in my Lifetime" Syndrome. The earth’s total population is almost growing exponentially and one can therefore calculate that at one point in time there will be simply too many people: the earth cannot produce enough food to sustain these levels.

The longer people suffer from the "Not in my Lifetime" Syndrome, the bigger the problem will eventually become.

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