Heavy Wallet Syndrome

The Heavy Wallet Syndrome is one of only three conditions that homoeopathy can potentially cure.

People who use their brains as they were taught to, such as physicians , should be considered clever enough to understand that homoeopathy cannot possibly work. Thinking that it could must conflict with all knowledge that they gained in medical school.
The effects of homoeopathy, if any, are at best attributable to the placebo effect. But don’t think that this quackery is without any danger. Yes, it is diluted to infinity but it may contain residues of heavy metal or sugar.

What conditions can homoeopathic ‘medications’ possibly cure? The first is low glucose levels (because the droplets of ‘active substances’ are often put onto pellets of sugar). The second is thirst (because the droplets of áctive substances’ are often further diluted in water) and the third is the Heavy Wallet Syndrome (because these products are often so expensive that buying them may relieve you of an excessive amount of money).

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