Dyslogic Syndrome

Bernard Rimland (1928-2006) was responsible for the final blow to the despicable Refrigerator Mother Syndrome. His son was diagnosed with autism and he knew that his son was loved enough. Rimland had an insight and that resulted in a insightful and impressive book called 'Infantile Autism: The Syndrome and Its Implications for a Neural Theory of Behavior' (1964).

The book sold massively and it created Bernard Rimland as a pioneer in the fight against the refrigerator mother syndrome. Although autism is still not entirely understood, it is certain that some type of brain dysfunction is at work, even if it’s psychological or biological.

Rimland became a rich man and wealth means that you want to perpetuate that richness. His last book was called Dyslogic Syndrome and tried to explain ‘why millions of kids were hyper, attention-disordered, depressed, agressive. Defiant or violent’. Bernard Rimland had the answer: food. These children were deficient in valuable foodstuffs, like vitamin B or magnesium.

He might even be right but the problem is that his ideas weren’t scientifically proven. That was his (and his theory of Dyslogic Syndrome) downfall. Such a shame.

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