Vulture Syndrome

The Vulture Syndrome exists when ruthless adult children are circling like a vulture, waiting for a parent to pass so they can inherit. Illness in parents can spark bitter rows between family and/or friends over the inheritance.
These days, elders are often called baby-boomers and they are relatively well off: in the US alone baby boomers control over 80% of personal financial assets and more than half of all consumer spending. Their children are often facing economic hardship. Some children might feel entitled to the money because they have 'cared for their parents more or longer than their siblings did'.

The problem may even escalate to such levels that a sibling may kidnap a parent to their own home to give proper loving care in their last remaining days. Also, these vulnarable people – often diagnosed with Alzheimer – might be forced to 'donate' money to one of these ruthless family members.

 More information and advice can be found here.

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