Carneiro Syndrome

Eva Carneiro was the first-team doctor of English footbal club Chelsea from 2009 to 2015.
Carneiro was the subject of severe and unduly criticism from Chelsea's coach José Mourinho when, according to Mourinho, she rushed onto the pitch to attend an injured player when he felt the injury was not of a serious nature. Under the laws of the game, medical staff are not allowed onto the field without the referee's permission, but have a duty to tend to an injured player when summoned. Carneiro was twice summoned onto the field by the referee.

Mourinho was claimed to have been swearing filha de puto ('daughter of a whore') to Carneiro who was subsequently forbidden to act as a first-team doctor by Mourinho.

But the unwarranted actions of their coach troubled the players immensely and they staged a silent revolt against Mourinho and almost all games were lost in that season.

The Carneiro Syndrome is also called the Third Season Syndrome, when the supposed magic of a coach wanes and he has played out all his tricks to motivate his players.

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