Dhat Syndrome

The Dhat Syndrome is a so-called culture bound syndrome, which means that the syndrome only appears to affect people of a certain culture, believe system or place of origin.

Dhat syndrome is a widely recognized clinical condition often seen on the Indian subcontinent that is characterized by a preoccupation with semen loss in urine and other symptoms such as depression, anxiety or fatigue[1]. Often the patient describes the loss of a whitish fluid while passing urine, while others moan about the excessive loss of semen by nocturnal emissions. At other times, the patient exhibits marked feelings of guilt associated with what he assumes is his excessive masturbation.
And yes, women can also suffer from this syndrome. Some mention ‘wetness in the vagina during sexual intercourse’[2]. This subtype has been given the name Female Dhat Syndrome.

In the rest of the world the symptoms of the Dhat Syndrome will be regarded as a distinct manifestation of depression, anxiety or another medical or psychological illness.

In India patients of the Dhat Syndrome can be found in lower socioeconomic classes and in susceptible individuals[3].

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