Red Sprinkler Syndrome

Among the many troubles plaguing Gaza, the battered coastal Palestinian enclave, local confectioners are lamenting a lack of the right colour sprinkles with which to decorate the sweets they will distribute when an Israeli is killed or kidnapped[1].
It has long been customary among Palestinians - and among Gazans in particular - to hail Palestinian-inflicted casualties among Jewish Israelis with a spontaneous festive outpouring. However, the fighting over the last month has made restocking all the necessary ingredients for such confections next to impossible, as Israel has allowed in only basic necessities into the enclave and Egypt has all but closed the crossings from its side.

Symptoms of the Red Sprinkler Syndrome include recurrent feelings of depression, anxiety and tunnel vision.

I personally think every death should be mourned.

[1] Gaza: Shortage Of Red Sprinkles For Sweets Celebrating Abduction Of Jews (PreOccupied Territory). See here.

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